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Holy WeekOn Easter Day we celebrate and proclaim the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. This is the central article of faith handed on from Apostolic times. Jesus is Lord! He is risen from the dead! Alleluia! According to our faith, on Easter Day death was swallowed up by life; the reign of Satan was broken; sin was overwhelmed by mercy; good triumphed over evil and love over hatred; heaven was thrown open, and sadness and sorrow gave way to unending joy. So for Christians, for the Catholic Church, Easter is not simply one feast among others: it’s called the “Feast of Feasts”, and the “Solemnity of Solemnities”; or the “Great Sunday”.

St Benedict, in his sixth century Rule, makes Easter the central reference point of the whole monastic year. For the Benedictine monks of Pluscarden, then, the importance of the Easter celebration can scarcely be over-stated. The primary public expression of this is of course the liturgy, which at Pluscarden continues to be celebrated in Latin, sung in Gregorian Chant, in full accordance with the current liturgical laws of the Catholic Church. We hope that this recording of our Easter Chant will succeed in capturing something of the spirit of a monastic and Pluscarden Easter. May the listener, through it, be led to enter somehow anew into the super-abounding richness and joy of this great feast, and all that it represents.


EasterWe have just produced a new CD recording of our Easter music. “The Liturgy of Easter” comprises 25 tracks, with a total playing time of 64 minutes. A 32-page booklet is included, giving the full text and translation of all the pieces, together with short commentaries. The CD is available from the Abbey shop for £10.50 plus £2.00 post and packing.
Our previous CD, “The Liturgy of Holy Week”, has now been reprinted and is available from the shop at the same price. A wholesale price of £5 for each is available for orders of 10 CDs or more.
Both CDs were recorded by us, here in the Abbey church, and have been very favourably received.


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