RC Diocese of Aberdeen

Installation of Lectors at Scots College

Installation of Lectors at Scots College

Four Scots College seminarians were installed as lectors on the Thursday of the 5th week of Easter. The step of Lectorate is the first ministry seminarians receive as they discern their vocation to the Priesthood.

Archbishop Leo Cushley from St. Andrews and Edinburgh conferred the applicants with the ministry during Mass in the Scots College chapel, Rome on the 18th May.

In his Homily, the Archbishop reflected on the meaning of the ministry of Lector. Speaking directly to the new Lectors he described it as a ministry of affirmation and invitation. Through the ministry of Lector the church affirms those it calls by promoting them to a position which reflects their growing relationship with the Scripture and Jesus Christ. Such a move by the Church said Archbishop Cushley, was the first small step in testing the progress to Priesthood.

However, he added, such an affirmation from the Church was also an invitation calling those installed as Lectors to prove themselves worthy of the call of the Church and so to demonstrate growth and devotion to the Word of God.

The new lectors were Christopher Doig from the Diocese of Aberdeen, Joseph McGill of Clarkston in the Diocese of Paisley and two of the Archbishop’s own seminarians from the Archdiocese of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, Martin Eckersley and Robert Taylor.