RC Diocese of Aberdeen

Partnership Work At The Cathedral

Great outreach and partnership work with local businesses has been seen at St Mary’s Cathedral in Aberdeen. The St Andrew Community who run a youth group every Friday at St Mary’s Cathedral engage with local groups of young people, including organising classes such as Lifeteen, Edge, Altaration as well as Confirmation classes!

There are at least 40 young people who attend weekly and all enjoy outdoor sports and activities. But there was a problem. The Community reached out to local businesses to work on a car park at the rear of the Cathedral in Aberdeen City Centre to change it from a rocky stone covered car park into a flat tennis-tarmac area for local youth to use it for outdoor sports and activities. They dug it up, took away the rubble, provided the labour force and the tar as well as the machinery to do all of this.  The Health Board recently gave a grant so that the group would benefit from purchasing games and sports equipment which they will use in this space. 
The photograph show a happy Community with Bill Shepherd from Hunter Construction, Kevin Fraser from Leiths and Michael Skoczykloda from KMS Construction Aberdeen Ltd.
Charlene Morgan of the St Andrew’s Community said ” It is actually great that we have it now in place and we are able to do more sports and have the youth around the cathedral more too. We even have more young people attending our groups since we got the area sorted out at the back! “