Scottish Catholic Heritage Commission (SCHC)


This venerable institution has been in abeyance in recent years but was recently reconvened in a new form.  Anne Oliver (from the parishes of Elgin/ Dufftown/ Aberlour) has been asked to be the representative for the Aberdeen Diocese:

I have some ideas, some plans which I hope will spike interest within Parishes around the Diocese. As Jane Austen almost said, it is a truth universally acknowledged that women are the backbone of most church communities. They have often been the hidden heroes of many parishes. My resolution for 2019 is to salute these women of the past from the diocese of Aberdeen and to tell their stories. So far I have a very short list of memorable women who are no longer with us, two Sisters, a parishioner, the mother of priests I know there are many more. If these stories are not written down they will be lost with the passage of time.

This is what I am hoping for:
To write a book, with the blessing of the SCHC, about women no longer with us from throughout the diocese.
I am looking for women from all walks of life – Religious, organ players, coffee makers, fundraisers, housekeepers, war heroes and so on.  I know, someone has already jumped into your mind. For the moment I would like to use one or two women from each parish. I realise that some will be missed but we can think about that later. These women will represent all the women of all the parishes past and present who keep our parishes alive.

If you think this is a viable project and wish to tell me about someone you remember  please contact me via the form below or text 07547 123152

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