Saint Therese Icon


The icon of Saint Therese was created by the St Andrew Community Aberdeen, coordinators of the visit of the relics to RC Aberdeen and will accompany the relics on the tour of Scotland.

“Prayerful Iconography takes time! We would normally need a bit longer than the four months we had for the Little Flower, but once we got going she seemed to have taken over!  The image wasn’t the one we all agreed on, but after careful consideration and advice from both our Greek and Russian teachers this is the one that was meant to be, we think.
Her face has certain features recognisable in St Therese, and others that belong to Our Lord, in a very real way it seems she is showing us she has become one with her Beloved.
The Crucified Christ icon she holds close to herself points to how the inscription is possible. Indeed “There is only one thing to do here below…” And how better to love Jesus and help save souls then uniting, as Our Lady did perfectly,  to His Holy Will through the Cross which shows the little way of love in deeds more than words.
It is our prayer that our little saint in Heaven, our dear friend St. Therese will speak to every heart in Scotland as they are meant to hear about the love of God and how to grow in it in a personal way.”

(Representative of the Community)

To be kept up to date with the itinerary, please go to ‘advance notice: the relics of St Therese

An icon the St Andrews Community painted and completed in May 2019