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The 2018 Pluscarden Pentecost Lectures: “You have come to Mount Sion”

The 2018 Pluscarden Pentecost Lectures: “You have come to Mount Sion”

The 2018 Pluscarden Pentecost Lectures: “You have come to Mount Sion”


The Letter to the Hebrews, which is neither a letter nor written to Hebrews, makes a strikingly unique contribution to the New Testament, especially in its understanding of Jesus and his saving death in the context of the High Priesthood and the Day of Atonement. This uniqueness presents considerable difficulties in interpretation, but also offers exciting ways of thinking about the identity of the Church and the manner of our salvation in Christ. At the heart of the Letter is a thoroughly typological approach to reading the Old Testament.

These four lectures given between 22-24 May 2018 at Pluscarden Abbey, will explore aspects of the uniqueness of Hebrews, concentrating upon what the Letter has to teach the Church today rather than on historical questions. Biblical studies and theology have suffered from a long estrangement, and typological readings dismissed as old-fashioned and even “supersessionist”. I hope to show that Hebrews offers Christians a very positive way of reading the Old Testament in the light of Christ, and some exciting ways of understanding Christ in the light of the Old Testament.


  • Tuesday 22 May at 15:00
    • Potato Stamps: Reading the Old Testament in the Light of Christ.
  • Wednesday 23 May at 10:30
    • Jesus is Joshua: What’s in a name? 
  • Wednesday 23 May at 15:00
    • Passing through the Veil: Christ the High Priest and the Day of Atonement
  • Thursday 24 May at 10:30
    • Robed in Flesh, Our Great High Priest


There will be no charge for these lectures and all are welcome to attend, either for the whole series or for individual lectures. For more information on the whole series download the 2018 Leaflet.

The lectures will take place as usual in St Scholastica’s Retreat, the white single storey building a short distance outside the main gate.

We can offer hospitality at the Abbey for a limited number of both men and women. Early booking is advised. There are also many places to stay in the Elgin area: contact the local tourist office: 01343 542666.

To register for the talks, make further enquiries, or book accommodation, please write to: Pentecost Lectures, Pluscarden Abbey, ELGIN, Moray IV30 8UA enclosing a SAE; fax 01343 890258; or email guestmaster@pluscardenabbey.org