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Arrival at Pluscarden Abbey of the “Pluscarden 1230 Pilgrimage”

Arrival at Pluscarden Abbey of the “Pluscarden 1230 Pilgrimage”

The unique and hugely ambitious Pluscarden 1230 Pilgrimage will finally arrive at Pluscarden Abbey around 2.30pm on Friday 1st September. After a staggering 1400 miles, a stone which has been carried from the Abbey of Pluscarden’s founding monks in Burgundy, will handed over to the monks at Pluscarden as the foundation stone for the planned final restoration. The stone will be carried for the last mile by Al Monkman from Garmouth and Maria Byron from Buckie, both of whom walked all 1400 miles, Al being accompanied by his dog Rinnes! The final day, day 89, will start from Logie and travel via Rafford, to the Abbey and the final group of pilgrims will be joined at various stages by pilgrims from earlier weeks, by supporters and by children from Mosstowie Primary School. Following a gate opening ceremony a short service will be held on arrival at which a message from the Pilgrimage Royal Patron Her Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent will be read out. A late lunch BBQ will be held thereafter for all those pilgrims who have participated over the 13 weeks and those who have supported it.

It has become clear that there is huge interest in this final day and many ex pilgrims, appeal committee members, local Moray people, including the local primary school, and indeed both local and national press, wish to become involved. This is indeed hugely heartening but it does bring with it safety issues and the last thing we want is to end this unique and ambitious event with some sort of accident. Safety is, and has been throughout the pilgrimage, paramount, hence the need for close co-ordination.

In order to co-ordinate numbers for walking and lunch all those who wish to take part must let the appeal office know by close of play next Monday, the 28th of August.

For further details about walking on the final day, download the Final Day Guide