Bishop Hugh: Train Accident at Stonehaven

My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the terrible train incident that took place outside Stonehaven yesterday. In times such as these, our hearts go out to those directly and indirectly affected by such a tragedy.

I join with others in commending the emergency services who were on the scene as quickly as they could be, once again demonstrating their professionalism and in particularly difficult circumstances. Our thanks go out to them and to all those at ARI and elsewhere who are dealing with the consequences of what has happened.

It is heartening to see people, volunteers, communities and churches across the north-east coming together to offer their support and help to those affected by the accident. While we await the results of a full investigation, our focus is on sympathy and support. Catholics throughout the north-east will be praying for the peace of those who have died, the return of the injured to good health, the comfort of the bereaved and of all those impacted by this tragedy.

Right Reverend Hugh Gilbert OSB
Bishop Of Aberdeen


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