Future of Catholic Education in Aberdeen

The next meeting of Aberdeen City Council`s Education Committee is on Tuesday July 2nd. It is unlikely that there will be any discussion of the future of our schools at this meeting. This will take place at the following meeting, on September 17th. Nevertheless, the days before the meeting of July 2nd are a good time to remind councillors that we are very unhappy at the possibility of a reduction in the number of Catholic Primary Schools and that we are equally unhappy about Aberdeen City Council`s failure to engage seriously with our wish to have a Catholic Secondary School in the city. Please email your local councillors and make your views known before July 2nd. Their email addresses can be found on the Aberdeen City Council website under Council and Democracy/ Your Councillors. The more emails sent to councillors the more likely we are to be successful in our efforts to have them maintain and develop Catholic Education in the city.


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