• Pentecost Sunday

    ‘They were all filled with the Holy Spirit’ (Acts 2:4). After Christmas and Easter comes Pentecost. ‘Today’, said St John Chrysostom, ‘we’ve reached the mountain-top of everything good; we’ve arrived […]

  • 5th Sunday of Easter

    Reflecting on today’s three readings, it struck me that the first is about faith, the second about hope, and the last (the Gospel), about charity / love. As bishop, I […]

  • Homily for the 2nd Sunday of Easter

    May I begin with some liturgical catechesis. This is a Sunday of many names. It is the 2nd Sunday of Easter. Easter is a season as well as a day. It’s […]

  • Easter Sunday homily

    Recently I was shown some re-tellings of the Easter story written by children in P2. One boy’s account was particularly accurate and vivid. On Easter Sunday morning, two ladies, he […]

  • Homily for Paschal Vigil

    Peter ‘then went back home, amazed at what had happened’ (Lk 24:12) – the last phrase of the Gospel we’ve just heard. There is a lot happening here tonight, and […]

  • Homily for Good Friday

    ‘See, my servant will prosper, he shall be lifted up, exalted, rise to great heights’ (Is 52:12). ‘See’ is the first word of today’s first Reading. There is something very […]

  • Maundy Thursday

    The Jewish Passover, Jesus’ Last Supper, the washing of the disciples’ feet: those are our 3 readings tonight. Tonight Jesus begins his own Passover. Tonight he sets out to bring […]

  • Homily for Palm Sunday

    Here we are beginning Holy Week. Here we are going up to Jerusalem, with the Church throughout the world, with our new Pope, with those preparing for the Sacraments of […]


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