Sea Sunday Prayer 2022

Prayer inspired by the Message for Sea Sunday 2022 of the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development.

O Blessed Virgin Mary, sign of the maternal face of God, we invoke Your blessing on the seafarers who, working every day, provide us with the goods we use and consume.

You, who know the daily challenges they face for us, keep them in Your Immaculate Heart, strengthening them in the face of life’s difficulties.

Sign of the Father’s nearness, comfort them with Your sweetest presence during the long periods of time when ships remain in anchorage because of the increased demand for goods.

Sign of the mercy of the Son, spread Your tenders mantle over the ships that, because of the war in Ukraine, face the arduous task of sailing through the mines in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

Embrace the seafarers who died during this unjust war.

Sign of the fruitfulness of the Spirit, remain at the foot of the cross of the seafarers who, because of the forced length of their contracts, live in a state of physical and psychological exhaustion, far from their family affections.

Sister of men, remind the governments and managers of shipping companies that seafarers are human beings, our brothers and sisters, in need of decent accommodation, nutritious food, a safe working environment, acceptable working hours, shore leave, and honest remuneration, which guarantee their mental and physical well-being, on which safety at sea and the protection of the marine environment depend.

Star of the Sea, we entrust to you the commitment and dedication of chaplains and volunteers serving seafarers throughout the world.

Queen of peace, pray for us. Amen!

“That the rulers and shipping companies of the world may guarantee the right of crews to disembark to relax and unwind with their families, recovering their mental and physical well-being. We pray”.


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