Stella Maris Announces Appointment of New CEO

Stella Maris is delighted to announce that Tim Hill MBE has been appointed as the charity’s new National Director and CEO, effective from 1st June 2023.

Tim is a proven leader focused on empowering individuals and developing people, with considerable experience in complex strategic thinking, decision-making, planning and effecting transformational change. He has served in the British Army for the last 35 years in all corners of the world, exercising in the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Far East, with operational service in Northern Ireland, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. He was awarded the MBE in 1995.

Tim has commanded different units, including an Army Training Regiment where he was responsible for training men and women joining the Army. Tim was promoted to
Colonel in 2016. His last appointment from 2019 to 2023 was commanding the British Army’s contingent in Germany, leading a diverse mix of military personnel, UK
civil servants, locally employed staff, and their dependents.

Tim owes his grounding in the Catholic faith to his late mother and a very happy education at Worth Abbey School. Throughout his 35 years in the Army, his faith has been central in his life and service to others. It has provided him with the strength and courage to do God’s will and through Jesus’ teaching, it has helped him to do the right thing on a difficult day. In dangerous times, separated from family and loved ones, Tim and his soldiers were able to seek comfort in God’s love from their shared Christian faith and values. Tim has recently returned from six years in Germany and is now a member of his local parish of St Augustine’s, Tunbridge Wells.

He is a keen ocean yacht skipper and RYA instructor, with several transatlantic and Southern Ocean crossings under his belt.

Tim succeeds Martin Foley who has held the post for the last 13 years and has moved on to be the CEO of Arise, an anti-slavery NGO.

Stella Maris Chair, Captain Esteban Pacha, said, “On behalf of the Board of Trustees, it is a privilege to welcome Tim to Stella Maris as our new CEO.

“Tim has had years of outstanding service in the British Army, serving soldiers and their families throughout the world, and we know that he will bring that same passion to serving seafarers, fishers and their families. Tim has significant strategic planning and operational delivery expertise. We look forward to his leadership in developing the vital work that Stella Maris currently provides, as we strive to grow and reach more seafarers, fishers, and their families worldwide.

“We thank Martin for 13 years of sterling service and dedication to Stella Maris. We wish him all the best in his new role as CEO of Arise. We look forward to our
continued work with Arise as we tackle the global fight against slavery and human trafficking in the maritime industry.”

Tim said, “It is a huge honour to be selected as the CEO for Stella Maris. It is an amazing organisation dedicated to the People of the Sea and their families, I look forward immensely to working with industry partners, supporters and the Trustees, staff and our many wonderful chaplains, ship visitors and volunteers, who work tirelessly in the service of others. I hope that I can play my part in extending Stella Maris’ outreach and support, both nationally and internationally.”

As Tim leads Stella Maris into its second century of existence, the charity renews its commitment to promoting and advancing the general and pastoral welfare of the People of the Sea worldwide. Stella Maris works with seafarers, fishers and their families regardless of their creed, gender or ethnic origin in ways consistent with Christian principles and the recognised practices of the Catholic Church.


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A registered Scottish Charity Number SC005122